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@ the first annual
"Rock Over America Music Awards" at the
rock club Vamp'd in LAS VEGAS, NV on Nov. 21. 2012

"The Guy Upstairs Lied" in the
TOP 20 playlist of 2012

@ KNAC's
"The Vault"
along with Van Halen, Overkill, Testament, Accept..



- Concept EP/CD
- 6 Full Lenght Songs & 5 Interstitials connecting the Songs to a Story

Label: metalUP records
Publishing: RudeGirl Publishing

Go & get it @: - - iTunes - eMusic
- Headbangers Open Air - Musik Sammler - jpc - Spirit Of Metal

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May-20-2012 - Featured on the LOUDEST DOT COM On The Planet:
KNAC! In "The Vault": /

Track-List :

01. Imagine Me Alive  ~ 4:30 (Full Song)
(Sledge/Leather/M. Weisheit
02. Torch ~1:32
03. The Guy Upstairs Lied ~ 3:30
(Sledge/Leather/M. Weisheit)
04. Illusion Opus 1
** ~ 0:57
(M. Weisheit)
05. Her Father’s Daughter ~ 4:20
(Sledge/Leather/M. Weisheit)
06. Her Fathers Daughter - Reprise ~ 1:30
(Sledge/Leather/M. Weisheit
*/S. Warren)
07. A Taste Of Night  ~ 4:30
(Sledge/Leather/Lois Threlkeld Larue/M. Weisheit)
08. One Glimpse ~ 3:50
09. Fast Forgiveness ~ 0:29  
(M. Weisheit)
10. The Lost Forgiveness ~ 5:05
(Sledge/Leather/M. Weisheit
*/S. Warren)
11. Sisyphus ~ 1:17
(Sledge/Leather/M. Weisheit

*Wrong/missing songwriting credits on the CD booklet (1st pressing)

** Mixed and arranged by Matthias Weisheit. This composition is actually called "Thaumaturge (Illusions) ,Opus 1", the titel was changed without permission.


Line-Up (on this recording):
Leather Leone (vocals)
Sandy Sledge (drums, piano on ‘Torch’ & ‘One Glimpse’)
Matthias Weisheit (all guitars - rhythm and lead, E-Bow on 'One Glimpse', baritone guitar)
Scott Warren (keyboards/sound design)
Jimmy Bain (bass)
Jeff Subauste (bass on ‘Fast Forgiveness’ and ‘Sisyphus’)

Mix and Mastering Engineer: Juan Urteaga, except "Illusions, Opus 1" mixed by Matthias Weisheit
Recorded at: Trident Studio, Pacheco, CA - Studio D, Sausalito, CA - Stagg Street Studio, Van Nuys, CA - Baldree Studio, Calabasas, CA
Management: Marks Entertainment Group. Thousand Oaks, CA, Keith Marks
- Played and recorded all guitars (rhythm, leads, baritone guitar, acoustic), Matthias plays Ernie Ball strings
- Created 98% of all guitar riffs, almost ‘on the spot’ (which means: there is a majority of
unused riffs and ideas left over he had and wrote down/recorded during the creation process of “Imagine Me Alive”)
- Is responsible for almost all key changes and transitions from part to part,/riff to riff - due to his
massive theoretical knowledge and experience, like 4 tonality systems and their modes plus exotic scales ~ and by ear
- Arranged/co-arranged the songs
- Arranged the guitars and the 2/3/4…- part guitar harmonies, string-arr. on 'Illusions, Opus 1' and 'Sisyphus'
- Engineered the majority of the demo sessions
- Engineered Jimmy Bain’s bass recordings
- THERE ARE 3 MORE GREAT COMPOSITIONS form the "IMA" writing & demo sessions. NOT ON THE ALBUM. Prob. for future release.

(If you see, read or hear other facts - not true!)

Line-Up LIVE Band:
Leather Leone (vocals)
Sandy Sledge (drums - PIT)
Matthias Weisheit (guitar - GIT)
Rick Lambert (guitar - GIT)
cott Warren (keyboards/sound design)
Chrisstopher Davidsson (bass - BIT)


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WIKIPEDIA: Sledge Leather - Leather Leone


REVIEWS / Press / Interviews:

First Reactions...


"Imagine Me Alive flat out gave me goose bumps! I love it! Killer album! And I loved the fact that this is more than just a collection of kick ass metal. There is cohesiveness to the whole album which you rarely hear anymore. This will be in my stereo for a long time. I can’t say enough good things about this album! Thank you!"

David Shreiner:
Awesome performances all over the new cd. Sandy was absolutely incredible on drums !!!!! Leather is back in top form too!!! Where'd you find this guitarist? He rocks!!! Can't forget Jimmy and Scott! Great disc! Can't wait to see you guys here in central PA.

Patsi Lane Eisenmann:
IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES IMAGINE ME ALIVE OMG LOVING THE CD !!!!!!! Its hard heavy and beautiful i cant stop listening

HEAVY Magazine AUGUST 2012 (Germany):
With Interviews SLEDGE LEATHER

There've been differtent Interviews in certain European Metal Magazines recently.
Stay tuned for more details.

INTERNET mix, latest LINKS:

>>> Dan's Movie & Music report
>>> Hard Rock Haven (Interview with some 'insights' to the writing process of "Imagine Me Alive")
>>> PitRiff (Interview with some insights/thoughts of the concept and ongs of "Imagine Me Alive"... make your own point of view...)

>>> Sea Of Tranquility "...With the band rounded out by the excellent guitarist Matthias Weisheit, the likes of "Imagine Me Alive", "Her Father's Daughter" or "The Lost Forgiveness" are prime cuts of female fronted traditional metal, leaning on the likes of Judas Priest, Saxon, or Accept for inspiration. Weisheit hammers out the riffs with the best of them, while Leather Leone proves that a tough, shredding female voice is every bit as effective on this style of music as any male wail..." 

>>> Metalodyssey "...Sledge Leather entered the studio in 2011 to record their comeback album “Imagine Me Alive”, engulfing the listener in an onslaught of heavy metal with 11 cohesive tracks that resurrects a classic HEAVY metal sound with Dio’s former band members Scott Warren (keyboards), and Jimmy Bain (bass)... "

>>> Frontrowsessions - Ladies Metal Night @ The House Of Blues "...The first three bands that played did not disappoint at all. But when SL came out, there was this feeling in the air that,YOU’RE GOING TO BANG YOUR HEADS AND LIKE IT!”

>>> Hard Rock Hideout
>>> Metalforces Magazine "...The vocals have way more in common w
ith Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) or Ronnie James Dio (Dio / Black Sabbath / Heaven & Hell / Elf) than they do with Doro Pesch (Doro / Warlock) or even Sabina Classen (Holy Moses).
Sledge Leather has crafted a grandiose style metal record that will appeal to any fan of the classics for sure..."

>>> Heavy Paradise
>>> Sonic Cathedral
>>> DrMusic
>>> Women Of Metal
>>> Sleaze ROXX
>>> The Metal Pit.
>>> Metal Shock Finland
>>> Danger Dog

>>> Heavy Metal Time Machine / Metal Mark "...Take the short instrumental track "Illusions Opus 1" for example. It almost sounds
like something you'd expect to hear from Queensrÿche or Fates Warning...".
The title cut not only opens the album, but ends up as one of the more serious shredders. It is the excellent work of guitarist Matthias Weisheit that really carries the number along. The same goes for the heavy track "The Guy Upstairs Lied..."

>>> Rock Over America "...When an album or a pie
ce of music is done well and done correctly it will strike a chord with the listener.  When it heads into the stratosphere of excellence, it will take hold and never let you go, making you want to listen again and again.  The Sledge Leather Project has set a new standard for Rock/Metal albums and has raised the bar just that much higher.  
This is an Editor’s nomination for 2012 Rock Album of the Year..."

>>> Classic Rock Bottom
"...The title track kicks off the album with a hard charging rocking vibe. Leone shreds vocally and the musicianship of Sledge, guitarist Matthias Weisheit, keyboardist Scott Warren and ex-Dio bassist Jimmy Bain is top notch..."

>>> Blabbermouth
>>> Truth In Shredding


Rockeyez (Brian Rademacher) interviews Leather Leone

Interviews with Leather & Sandy on

Interviews with Leather & Sandy on High Voltage Music (audio):

Interviews with Leather & Sledge, direct links to Rock Over America (audio):
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Check out "Sledge Leather" as they make their Hollywood debut
and comeback show at the 'House of Blues' on Sunset Strip.

MaximumThresholds very own RadChad interviews Sledge Leather
at the "House Of Blues" Sunset Strip/West Hollywood (PART 2).

©2012 MTR West Coast

MaximumThresholds very own RadChad interviews Sledge Leather
at the "House Of Blues" Sunset Strip/West Hollywood (PART 1).

©2012 MTR West Coast


"Her Father's Daughter" (test show @ Paladino's, Tarzana, CA)

L.I.V.E. 2 0 12


Town / Country

Venue / Time


Los Angeles, CA / USA

"House Of Blues"
Los Angeles
(Sunset Strip)
@ 10;45 pm
(Event starts at 8pm)
House of Blues Los Angeles
8430 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 848-5100

Slaves Against The Machine
Hardly Dangerous
Cry Wolf
Divine Era

Tarzana, CA (USA)
Paladino's @ 11:00 pm
6101 Reseda Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91335
1 (818) 342-1563

Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Bedrock LA, room F @ 8:00 pm
Open to The Public - SHOW REHEARSAL
Bedrock LA
1623 Allesandro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026



Track-List :

1. Ruler Of The Wasteland
2. Insane Again
3. Back To Drag You Home
4. When Lightning Strikes
5. Metal Up
6. Angel Of Mercy
7. The Gallows
8. Voice Of The Cult

(Audio re-mastered by
Matthias Weisheit)

From the "KEEP IT TRUE Festival in Germany 2011"

Line Up:
Leather Leone (vocals)
Sandy Sledge (drums)
Brett Baugh (guitar)
Betsey Stephens (bass)

Concert Promo (DVD Trailer)